Thursday, October 23, 2008

Signs of October

Imagine the World Series in the background... As I make these on the couch tonight ...
I've been drafted to help with centerpieces for our church's fall retreat. These were, by no means, my idea... I was literally told how to do them... But they are so cute, I had to pass them off to you...
Along with instructions...
1. To make 4 pumpkins, you'd need 4 rolls of toilet paper, 8 sheets of tissue paper and one yard of fabric... And a brown paper bag (Anything more than 45" width should work for the fabric.)
2. Fold the fabric into quarters and cut.
3. Wrap the toilet paper rolls verticaly with 2 sheets of tissue-
around the bottom and tucking the ends of the tissue into the hole at the top. (this rounds out the shape a little).
4. Do the same with the fabric, hiding edges and tucking corners in by folding them into the same hole.
5. Make a stem with brown paper bag pieces, wrinkled and rolled to look lime a stem and stuffed into the top, too.
All done!



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