Monday, April 19, 2010

best dinner in a long time - Truffle Asparagus Cream pasta

ok. Tonight's dinner was so yummy that I ate dinner twice and forgot to take a picture of my beautiful and yummy dish. Folks... I DON'T COOK. But every once in a while, I get back on the wagon and though I don't necessarily love the cooking process, I do love the grateful look on J's face when I actually make something. (and I'm not a bad cook, I'm just hardly interested in food...) sigh.

Tonight I got inspired. I've been trying to cook more, especially in front of the kids so that they will be forced to try new flavors, etc. We've been banging our heads against the quesadilla, mac n cheese, pasta, nuggets menu around here - and I'm sick of it... little by little...

Tonight's big coup came from the back of a pasta box - well, the idea did.  I added and changed quite a bit. Here you go....

Cook a box of wagon wheel pasta
in a skillet, saute asparagus and chopped onion in butter, olive oil, and minced garlic until the onion turns golden brown. Put the drained pasta in the skillet. Add some cream (I used fat free half'n'half) and stir until the flavors mix well and the onion is brown (and yummy!)... top this with about a teaspoon of truffle oil and mix well. Serve with  healthy dose of parmesan.
Wow! YUM.
not exactly low in fat - but every once in a while you can splurge.... this is good enough to serve guests!



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