Friday, April 17, 2015

Quilting for work vs fun

On my machine today... A custom quilt for a customer. It's not my color comfort zone and I'm learning a lot about equilateral triangles, but I'm enjoying it. I know I've mentioned here that I'm committed to working on things that inspire me from here on out... Here's a funny fact... The part of me that used to be a corporate designer - working with customers to get them a custom solution... Still inspires me too.

So I have my art side, and also my "designer" side - both of which I love. I'm just committed to not make things that DON'T inspire me anymore just because I had fabric lying around that I needed to use up. I've done that for years... I've played with the idea that it takes the "Q" out of Quilting and it changes it into a "G".... i.e. GUILTING... Not a fun hobby.

So here's to less Guilting and more Quilting, whether it's for fun or money. And always finding the joy in what's in front of us.



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