Monday, February 25, 2013

Quiltcon - Day 2 - Class with AnnaMariaHorner

Pardon me as I break all these Quiltcon adventures into multiple posts. There are just so many pics and just so many aspects even to each day that the only way I can properly journal this is to separate each thought. (If you're not interested, maybe just check back in a week or two from now, because I have a ton to share) :)
Ok... So...
Day 2 of Quiltcon for me was an all day class with AnnaMaria Horner. If you've read my blog for a while, you know that I have admired AnnaMaria for 10 years at least. I was a lowly textile designer myself at a big manufacturer when I first learned about AnnaMaria (as well as Lotta Jansdotter, more on her later!). What they were doing with textiles was so beautiful and fresh - in completely opposite ways... But what they both had in common was that they were artists getting their art into fabric and I loved their work.
Friday's class began with AnnaMaria sharing about her quilts and her design process. She kind of opened my eyes to the idea of her looking at her quilts as collages and editing them by using appliqué elements (and other processes) to add into their composition.
Sometimes it feels as if appliqué is not an honored part of "modern quilting" and as my friend Liz said to me - "maybe you've been peer pressured into NOT trying appliqué" - interesting thought, considering how much I love collage and how it's my art medium of choice.
I've decided to try it at some point soon. And not cutesy appliqué - because that's not my style... But actually collaging my quilt....
AnnaMaria was speaking my language.

She shared her joy and passion and fabric scraps with us and encouraged us to sketch out ideas and put them to work. (Again, my phone only allows 5 pics per post... And my project looks so different than these pics with her work that I will post it next)

The quilts she showed us are the quilts she is making for her children's beds. It's fun to see her work and to hear about how she thought of each kid and their personality and what she wanted to give to them as she composed.

She used both her fabrics and those of others, designed by both contemporary designers and vintage pieces. Which is really fun to see how even someone known for creating diverse product lines still wants to mix and match old and new, picking from different sources. I guess I am in good company there.

The pic of us together is cute. She's seriously so sweet, and I was so honored to hear she not only remembered me from the class I took with her before, but that she recognized me when I walked in and as we talked she mentioned seeing my artwork and quilts on Instagram. I'm not quite sure how she does it, but no one has the reputation that she does for making everyone she is with feel so special and happy to be with her. What a gem. :)

The funny piece of fabric she has on her tummy is a vintage linen scrap that she was admiring of mine. It took some convincing on my part, but she finally accepted it as a little gift. It's fun for me to be able to give even just the tiniest token back, after all she's given to me through her books, blog, classes, products and interactions.



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