Saturday, May 9, 2009

More barrettes

The Design Director and I made that whole string of hair clips right before Easter - in time to give them to all the cousins. We lined them with velcro (the scratchy side) to stay in the hair and had a great time with ribbons, vintage yoyos and scrap buttons from Great-Grammy's collection.
They were well  received and we got a request for more from my sister who wants to give a bunch away as a gift for a family that just welcomed home a baby girl. So here are some of the second batch. Which I believe contains 36 all total... these are just some of my faves. After Victory gets the first pic, some of these may end up on etsy. We'll see.

Collage (Dollar store) candles

The kids and I made these this morning, while Daddy was catching up on some hard-earned sleep... We took Dollar Store candles, the kind with saints on them... And used ModPodge to secure tiny fabric scraps to them... They look even better than I expected them.



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