Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A birthday celebratory giveaway

I have so many things to catch you up on... Dax is now almost 8 months and my feet are finally underneath me, I think... Though my house is a mess! I'm starting to get my energy back and a little of my creative mojo too.
This Christmas only one family gift was homemade - if that doesn't tell you the state of things!

But here we are in February and it's a great month to be born in. It's always made me feel a little weird and a teensy bit special to have my birthday on Leap Year - this year I will be 9 - again, for one last time. 😊

I've decided to celebrate my birthday month by giving away some treasures. This first one is a 9 piece collection of red fabrics. Which I seem to collect, but never use. Well, no more... Each of these is 1/4 yard of something I bought and have been sitting on way too long. So I'm sharing them instead.

The giveaway is being handled completely on Instagram, but you can find it there at #libbydibbybirthdaygiveaway

There will be more too, so keep your eyes open



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