Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have the coolest friends - Fierce Handbags (and giveaway)

I've known the awesome couple behind these new bags for years and this is a new venture for them, so I am super excited to introduce you to Fierce Handbags... the brain-child of my pals, Chris and Niki.
We have many impromptu Saturday morning breakfasts with their family and recently they started picking my brain about a new line of purses Chris was making made of duct tape. Not ones to make anything that's already out there, Chris has designed his own styles and he handmakes these bags the way a man's man would... with baling wire and grommets to keep the bag's shape - "fierce" colors that suit Niki's wild colorful style and great details to boot. Niki kept getting - in their words - "stalked" for her bag, so to keep his lovely wife safe (yuk yuk) he opened his etsy shop!

When I ordered mine, of course it HAD to be in red and white... I mean, their whole deal is that you get to pick from a bunch of colors and pretty much style it as you like... so I requested "mostly red" with touches of white that could pass for squarish polka dots (teehee). The extra white stripe on the flap was his idea, I'm glad it's there - it made for a nice balance.

Can I tell you I have gotten STOPPED for this purse. Everyone wants to know where I got it, what is it made of, how can they get one??? So I've been pressuring Chris to get that etsy site  up and running as soon as possible and now it is and you too can order and wear your very own Fierce Handbag.  You know you think it's cute and you how much are you wanting to design one for yourself, too?

Oh, and in case you are wondering, mine was the biggest size handbag. I'm kind of a big bag girl these days. Niki - who is also a mom of two carries the smaller handbag as her purse. So head on over to their site. The bags are super well made (s-t-r-o-n-g) and you'll be supporting an awesome family... tell them I sent you and when they pass on that info to me... I'll send you a free gift from me to say thanks for supporting my pals!

To win a clutch of your color choice, post a comment here saying which bag is your favorite, which colors you'd choose and how you'd design it... One lucky person will get a clutch... my treat.
ENTER by May 5 at midnight.



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