Tuesday, April 21, 2009

brass tags anyone?

I found an inexpensive way to get gold toned tags made...
the image doesn't show the pretty shine that this has (I scanned it and the light is harsh)
but you get the picture...
Would you be interested in something like this? They're a little bigger than the others - 1" diameter.
and they'd cost $13

Duct tape purse (only classy)

The design director and I had some quiet project time to try out a fun idea I read about here... A duct tape purse... Sturdy, fast, fun. And with endless design options... Though we played it straight this first time.

Scrappy birdhouse

The design director has heard me talking about covering this birdhouse with fabric for a while now and couldn't wait any longer. Nothing like a nagging preschooler to help you not procrastinate... So she started in on it yesterday with Momma's help... Some scraps and watered down Elmer's glue. I modpodged it overnight, just to be sure... But I love it. And she loves it too, I was going to take a photo this morning, but couldn't find the birdhouse because she had stashed it in her room, so I had to wait till preschool was out to ask her where it was.

Matching dresses - a generation ago

My sister found the old pic of mom and us and the dresses she made...
I went and found my copy, too.
how cute is this?



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