Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Esme Tunics in all the fabrics

The Esme Tunic from Lotta Jansdotter's book Everyday Style is now probably my favorite pattern of clothing that I have ever sewn for myself. I've made it long, short, as a shirt, in patterns and solids and I still don't feel like I have tapped into all I love about it.
Here are some versions I have made:

This was the first one that I made, in drapery/bottomweight fabric. I immediately loved it and made a second one in double gauze (more on that one in a separate post).

Then I decided I wanted to make a dressier version in a black cotton with subtle dots woven into it. I don't know what this fabric is called, but I bought it at The Fabric Store, which is a beautiful store near my home. I have a number of fabric stores near my home in Mid-City LA, but The Fabric Store is top notch. They're also super nice in there.

I also made one in a slubbed chambray for my daughter, but after she picked the fabric, oohed and aaaahed at the finished product and promptly stuffed it into her closet for weeks on end, I reclaimed it.

After this, I decided to try something really nuts. What about this pattern in drop cloth fabric? Extra wide seam allowances and serged edges (plus the fabric was washed and dried 3-5 times before I cut into it, making it really soft...) and now I have the more amazingly comfy top. (Next attempt will be to dye with the drop cloth before I sew one up)

Then in the middle of all of this, I went on an amazing trip to South Africa where I picked up some shwe shwe fabric specifically for the purpose of sewing one of these up. Red is my favorite color, but I usually wear black and gray, so this is very bright for me, but I do love it a lot.

I also plan to make a short sleeved version of this and also a cap sleeved maxi dress. I'll post when I do.

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