Wednesday, June 11, 2008

check out our ETSY shop

okie dokie.
so i finally got around to doing an etsy upload tonight.

I now have new baby slings up there, and some of the funny doorstops, a few one of a kind skirts, as well as some swaddle blankets that I have made for years, but never had on the site!
check it out...

washable... what it is worth?

hey there...
taking another poll...

what do you think about the ability to wash your Libby Dibby skirt (in cold water and line drying) instead of drycleaning?
Is it worth a few dollars more a skirt to you?  If so - what is your minimum and maximum that you'd spend for that feature?

We're thinking about offering some of the patterns with that care option, but the prep on the front end is considerable.
let us know.

Doilies 3

Doilies 2


I was taught to hate doilies growing up... But now I can't help but to
pick them up every once in a while when I find them at vintage shops.
This one is shaped like a teacup, an I've wondered for years what to
do with it... Finally, I just put it on the shelf... I'll take and
send more photos of uses I have found.



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