Friday, November 21, 2008

Hello Christmas projects!

I've made a few of these already this year, but they excite me each
time. I've been sitting here, with piles of great-grammy's unfinished
quilt pieces... And then I saw a spread on some magazine turning them
into wreaths. How happy am I?
Great-Grammy herself will be getting one of these... (good thing she's
A huge blog reader!)

Scrap surprise!

We were making a custom skirt for someone and also had these whipped up. They are around a size 10, but would likely fit a 12. If you are interested, there are only one of each... And they'll be going on etsy, but if you really want them, email me and they can be yours... $38 each.
(elastic waist... not a wrap skirt)

Half a moment

I love love love gingko trees and I adore them in fall. I took Z today to city hall in Beverly Hills (his favorite building... Budding architect?) and in my one moment of peace, I sat with this lovely leaf on my knee and took a deep breath. Then we played "boo" around the columns and the moment of quiet was gone. I have to steal them when I can...



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