Friday, February 22, 2013

Quiltcon - Day 1

Well, it's day 2 of quiltcon and my phone is filling up with pics of all my amazing adventures already. I'll have to post them in groups, to keep them straight.
Day 1 was a lot to take in as we all trickled into Austin and found each other and got inspired by what we saw... I ran into friends on the plane and in the airport, we made friends on the super shuttle ride into town and it just kept up like that all day.
I spent the day walking the floor and doing a little shopping. My classes all fall over the next 3 days.
The Bee Happy bees and I (missing Nicole and Latifah) had dinner together before an evening pajama hand sewing party with our guildies in a hotel lobby that got broken up by security for being too loud. (For real?)
The quilts hanging in the show are phenomenal. There is so much to see it can be overwhelming. But I think the point to note is that modern quilting has a place. This ain't your grandma's quilting, though a few grandmas join in the fun... this is art. It's exciting to be part of something new. To see it happening. To maybe have just one tiny part in it. (Ill post more quilt pics later)



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