Monday, September 10, 2012

Crockett's quilt

It's hard to post all the projects I am working on when most of them these days are gifts. Which makes it so that I can rarely post about them, since I think for the most part, the people I am making them for read my blog.

I had to keep the work-in-progress pics of this to a minimum for exactly that reason, but now the quilt is gifted - and I can post.
Baby Crockett's quilt Finished!
I made this quilt for a very special baby nicknamed "Crockett" - he's the adorable 3rd kiddo of a great friend of mine and I began work on this - made the top - at the old house last spring while she was pregnant and I was just beginning the move and remodel. Then all summer, when my studio was still in boxes, I'd pull out this (along with a few other TBA projects and hand quilted the whole thing). Ramona and her family came over to my house a few days ago and I was so happy to give her this quilt, after months of stitching it together. The sweetest part to me was that she actually preceeded my giving it to her with the question if I'd be Crockett's god-mother. YES! and HERE'S WHAT I MADE FOR HIM!
Hand quilting a baby quilt

It was just one of those "meant to be" things. I love Ramona. I love her family. I've haven't really been a godmother before, but I can't wait to be one. And all the love and hope I put into this quilt as I sewed it feels even more purposeful now.
Hand quilting shot - Baby Crockett's quilt



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