Friday, May 7, 2010

Fierce Handbag Winner

YAY! What a great day today has been - and now I get to announce that Catherine won my giveaway!!!
Send me an email and we'll get your order all made up and shipped out!

Job performance reviews

Apparently, it is job-review weekend and my bosses seem to think I'm doing ok. I must be doing allright if both kids write "my mom loves me" as the title of their Mother's Day artwork.

Teacher Appreciation Week

We just presented our kindergarten teachers with their class gifts. I got the idea from my sister last year when she was Kindergarten room mom at their school. It was her idea to use one of my handmade
journals (only bigger) and fill it with love notes from the class. I took note and saved the idea for this years gifts for Mimi's two teachers... The amazing office manager and PE teacher at our school
snuck me into a PE class so the teachers never saw me collecting the art. What a fun, easy gift... Might be doing this every year!



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