Saturday, August 16, 2008

okay... so I saw these tonight. oooooooooooh.
now i just need an excuse...
maybe the next time Mr. Libby Dibby gets nominated for an Emmy? (well, we're hoping...)

I think that would definitely justify this one...
oh, and can you just die that they write a haiku for each one?
the poem for this is:

work that red carpet
award winning look tonight
ultimate starlet

I'm no starlet, but I think that makes this the perfect candidate for a trip down the red carpet.

New etsy postings... super cute, of course

Okay, this is my favorite batch of t-shirts yet. I love all of them - even my hubby was saying that he thinks these are the cutest yet...
we were smiling at them as I took photos today to list them.

This is what a few days of focused time for inspiration and sketching (tuesdays for the past few weeks) starts breeding. I've got a few new fresh ideas... I'm hoping this is just the beginning.
anyhow... hope you like them!

Sample Sale WINNER!

Hey folks.
Thanks for the fun entries....
Courtneycash is the winner of my little contest... I'll post Mom's reasoning below...
(which is fun, because she thinks totally other than me and it was great to see how different a judge she is....)

"I think I like courtneycash. I can see how bummed she is because she is
overwhelmed with 4 kids - one being 2 months old - and feels like she is
a day late and a dollar short. The others were sweet, but I think
this is a need and a real nice boost for her."

So there you go!
Courtney, please email us with the mailing address... thanks!
and Sarah - your post about your friend was so sweet and thoughtful, we were touched, we'd like to send you a little gift for you to pass on to her... please send us your mailing address... as a fun little second prize.



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