Wednesday, April 6, 2011

sharing my quilt top at LAMQG

0404_24 by n.ramirez
0404_24, a photo by n.ramirez on Flickr.
Here's a fun photo of my quilt top from a little further away! I brought it to the LAMQG meeting the other night, especially to show the girls who work at Sew Modern (where we have our meetings) what happened after they helped me pick out the rockin awesome fabrics to go with those quirky squares.
Our amazing guild photographer, Nichole, got this pic.
Going to the guild meetings is really funny for me. Every month I get so excited to go, I know that I will leave inspired and more passionate than ever about quilting. And every month it's also one of those things where I have to face my insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. The guild is so encouraging to everyone who does show and tell... and being in two bees with women from the guild has helped me to make some friends there, but it's so funny how I seem to break out into a cold sweat every time that I show something I made. I am utterly stunned at what people in my guild are making. Even if it's not all my taste - the actual skill we're looking at is mind-boggling. I would say that I am probably in the 30-40% range if we were ranking skill level... just to give you an idea. (and I'm not exaggerating)
I ended the evening, kind of weedling my way into a conversation with some other folks as they discussed what "modern quilting" is... Which is funny, because since I grew up around so much mid-century modern design, modern art and then worked in an industry for 6 years making "modern" textiles - my personal style is rarely what falls in the "modern" category...
I really encourage you to click on this pic and ride it to the flickr group that it is in... To see the breadth of what the Modern Quilt Guild covers is simply amazing.

ps. helping me hold the quilt is one of our amazingly talented male guild members, Craig... He's from the same hometown as me and we've laughed about how two Palos Verdes kids ended up meeting each other in a Los Angeles quilt guild.



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