Friday, September 26, 2008

New dress for the director

I almost am giddy about giving this scrap dress to the design director tomorrow. I was nervous about her liking it, so I added the pocket- shazam! It's my new favorite scrap project.
And the most fun part is that I actually have the Libby Dibby (judy jetset) that matches this... Too cute!

Skirting around

So it's midnight and the skirt marathon is finally over... 6 little girl skirts and 1 dress later.
Wow. These are fun to make...

Lazy days skirt

So the design director won and we made two skirts today. I was peeking in on soulemama's blog and she had made a bunch (I can see how addicting they could be) of these for her pumpkin. The pattern comes from Oliver + S and is fun, easy and free. I like the ribbon edging.
Spent the few extra minutes to get all the seams serged and we were putting in the finishing touches when Z woke up from a long nap. Wonderful!

On the subject of little girl skirts, expect some new spinny skirts from us soon... Within a week... There will be some fabulous ones available!
(ps. The above skirt is sweet and casual, but not spinny, due to the rectangular cut of fabric)

A Tough Boss

So Momma is sick this week... almost to the point of non-functioning, except for the fact that I have to be Momma... on the way home from pre-school today, the design director says,
"Momma, do you know how to sew when you are sick?"
"yeah... why?"
"so can we still do a project together even if you are sick?"

always, baby, always.
Now there is a 4 year old woman after my own heart.

Sample skirt

Just a sample

Have 2 of these in medium... What do you all think?


So the design director started this trend, with her name on a charm and a small collection of birds accompanying it... We've now sold a few more like it... If you are ordering charms with names, and want an accompanying charm, give me a holler over email and we'll see what we
can do. I have access to thousands of different designs, so try me...



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