Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tada! The ScrappyTripAlong quilt

It's not finished yet... Still have to baste, quilt and bind this puppy, but the long awaited top is complete and a certain little girl is pretty excited about that.
Next on the agenda (that is, in addition to getting my gear together for 3 straight days of classes and learning and fun with my girls at Quiltcon... Slumber party!!) is loads and loads of quilting. Both kids are currently awaiting their finished quilts for their beds. And I've got another one basted and in line.
I realized tonight that before I can get into some new creative ideas, I need to clear the decks a little... Get some of these works in progress off my table.

Then who knows what may happen?
I'd like to play with some patterns a friend gave to me. Maybe try something from one of my zillion books. Definitely need to make more curvy quilts, for sure. Gotta keep cranking....



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