Thursday, July 30, 2009

Last post from the wedding.

Amy lives in Thailand and works with several local hilltribes. It was hard for her to have to get married in the States, knowing that many of her friends would not be able to attend the wedding. So she decided that for the reception, it was important that she wore something that was made from their traditional fabrics... When she was at my house a few weeks ago, she pulled out a long piece of this woven fabric and asked me to make a "dancing skirt" out of it.
I totally thought it couldn't be done. I told her so. Amy didn't believe me and let me know it was REALLY important to her. So we came up with this!
We used EVERY single piece of that fabric and based the design on the Mama version of my spinny skirt, but added the drop waist in (to conserve fabric and give more length).
I think it came out really well!

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Hannita said...

What a good friend you are. And what a lovely idea of incorporating part of that culture that she is so invested in.



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