Thursday, July 30, 2009

Italian sketches

I treasure the sketches that I did while I was in Italy. They are a far cry from perfect - or even frame-worthy, but they are moments captured - and they are lovely to me. (I've grown a lot... being able to look at drawings for their joy rather than their mistakes.)

I went to scan in this drawing and as I read the opposite page - the journal entry that went with it, I decided to include it - so you could see in my own handwriting how much I enjoyed making this. Just the fact that I am willing to post this less than great sketch makes me feel free... and happy to know that I really do just love making art, not just the outcomes.

1 comment:

Anamaria said...

I love your sketch libby :) I could just imagine you sipping on a cup of coffee while journaling and just take it all in. ;) Would love to see more sketches...



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