Thursday, July 30, 2009

My summer reading list.

I haven't really read for pleasure in years. With two munchkins, three moves, a business, 2 blogs, learning how to sew, getting certified for fost/adopt, and various part-time jobs and volunteer stuff... I just haven't read for fun since I was pregnant the first time 5 years ago. (other than the requisite parenting books - Healthy Sleep Habits, Girlfriends' Guide to pregnancy, and lots of other books that seem to have blended together so I can't even remember them)... Though I still remember with great fondness the last book I read before Mimi's birth, a beautiful autobiography of Nelson Mandela.
But this summer has been different. We've travelled. Without the kids. Which means time on airplanes, quiet moments and exposure to bestsellers while walking through the airports - without chasing anyone.
My initial reading began at the end of our Italy trip. During the trip, we spent most of our time doing things... and I actually spent time sketching, when we had down time - that was marvelous.

Anyhow- where was I? Oh yes. Well, I originally brought "Under the Tuscan Sun" to read on the trip, but I left it and my journal, - oh yes, my journal - and my favorite tiny Bible, on the first airplane on the way over... ...never to be heard from again. I'd sewn the cutest little envelope pouch for them all to travel safely in with some of my favorite pens. ARGH. ( I will shed no more tears about this!) ... so that book did not get read. I still haven't replaced any of them. part of me is still grieving them. sigh.
So I picked up "Eat Pray Love" in the airport. Which was compelling, but I didn't agree with any of the author's philosophy. Though her journey was interesting and well documented - I found it was not what I was looking for. I did , however, love that 1/3 of the book was set in Italy... and that made me decide that I needed to prolong my vacation by reading books about Italy and set in Italy.
So I picked up these two gems.... ...both of which were great fun to read and offered mini history lessons about Renaissance Italy. Signora da Vinci and The Glassblower of Murano... Then I got turned onto the Twilight Series. (I know, I've already said too much about them) Suffice it to say, my postings have been sparse, partly because everything other than Twilight has been sparse. I'm in between books 3 & 4 right now, and loving every minute. (Please see this post here, for a perfect representation of my situation, by another blogger) - oh, and there was a brief section in New Moon that also satisfied my Italian urges...

And though summer is almost over... we're looking at a whole new season of life in the fall which might allow for sewing, blogging and reading to co-exist.... Mimi starts kindergarten and Z will be in preschool for 4 days a week. That means time for me! (Though with the fost/adopt possibility, there's not really anything set in stone right now - we could be growing the family in the fall... you'll know for sure if that happens.) Until then, here's my current book list... of things I have either on my nightstand, in my book bag, or in my cart at Amazon.

1. Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
2. Under the Tuscan Sun
3. The Time Travelers Wife
4. Common Sense Parenting (required reading for our classes)
5. The Agony and the Ecstasy

phew... I better get on it!... oh... and do YOU have any recommendations for me?

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Anamaria said...

I agree, I only liked the part about Italy in Eat, Pray,Love too. I think she should have stayed there the whole time instead of going to the other two places. ;)



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