Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Amy's Wedding highlights

I promised highlights from Amy's wedding when I got the chance and I am in between Twilight books tonight. (it's seriously a sickness right now)... so I'm taking advantage of the time to post photos by J and also by another friend of Amy & Johnny's... (Paul Grdina) that highlight the beautiful couple, the amazing setting, and some of the fun projects that I worked on for the wedding.This, below, was my first EVER attempt at anything floral. I was freaked out to do it. I don't even really arrange flowers in vases, opting more for trees and living things. But Amy's sister, Rachel, and I spent the day before the wedding collecting various weeds, wildflowers and sticks together which we put with some store-bought roses into these bouquets for the bride and all 8 of us attendants. And the bouquets LASTED! I couldn't believe it. I came prepared with an insane amount of raffia and 150 yards of satin ribbon, some floral tape and sticky craft dots, and this is what we ended up with. It was so fun to do these... but no, I am NOT foraying into flora anytime soon.
Amy and I had spent an evening a few weeks earlier perusing through some bridal magazines and we saw a wedding that had a funny fabric banner suspended like a photo booth out in the woods. That really sparked us and we made this for her own (Libby Dibby) version of the concept. What a fun thing this was. They asked everyone to take photos here instead of signing a guest book.J and I just before we laid down on our backs and crashed for a reception nap. as seen here.Oh. And here is a personal highlight. Who is that hot guy behind the huge lens?
the bride and me. we've been BFF for 13 years now!


Anita Z said...

i LOVE the fabric hanging from the trees! and i think your flowers look great. super duper libby, is there anything you CANNOT do?!? (said, of course, with only love and admiration!)

Amy said...

love you my friend! you can do anything! thank you for the beautiful dancing skirt and being at my special day.



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