Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bee Blocks- catching up

I haven't been posting here because we've been on vacation, but now I am back and the kids are back in camp, which means hopefully that while baby naps, I'll be able to share some of my fun projects recently.
I've got about 2-3 secret projects that I can't post yet, but I am indeed keeping my fingers busy.
And LOTS LOTS LOTS of hand sewing and even hand quilting, if you believe it!
(works great when in the camper or at a campsite!)

In the meantime, here are some pics of bee blocks I have made recently for my two bees.

(before their borders were put on... cool, huh?)

Cruz wanted these fabulous hexagon squares. They were made from a pattern by Freshly Pieced. They're not easy to get perfect, and picking the fabrics was WAY trickier than it looks. But I love the finished look so much that I am going to have to do something special with these....

Katie asked for trees... Once Christmas tree in her turquoise fabrics and one other tree in the reds. Oh did I have fun with these... so fast, so easy! Must do more!

I always like to send a little bag or pouch with my bee squares, one that reminds the gal of her squares from me, so here is Cruz's squares and bag and Katie's wanted to have a tree on it (other side, not shown), so I had to make hers a bit bigger than normal. That's okay, I like Katie a lot... and I loved making her bag.

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