Monday, August 16, 2010

Comfy Shoes

To my chagrin, this year I learned that I've spent a few too many days in flip flops and flats that have no support. My feet have been in constant pain and I've probably purchased about 8 new pairs of shoes this year that I've finally found are both cute and good for feet in pain.  It's not easy to find shoes that are cute and that don't hurt and I've had to accept the fact that my shoes must now be very comfortable from the first moment I put them on, or I will have serious foot AND knee pain ... sigh... I'm feeling a little old.
I figured that I'd write a mini-endorsement for some of my favorite sandals this summer, because I'm sure I'm not the only person to have foot pain and still want to look cute.
I have extremely high arches and need to wear shoes that support my feet well. Some brands that I've learned are great for feet like mine are Sanita, Alegria, and Fit Flops. I've also learned that I can trust  Here are some pics of my new favorites and links to where you can get them...

Oh, and of course these all work with my summer wardrobe of skirts and sundresses... Libby Dibby skirts included.  Here's to some happy feet for you too...


Sarah said...

I love the FlyFlot ones, and the red ones. :) Very cute.

Em said...

I also have high arches. It's SO hard to find good shoes. When I started running last year, I had to find some really good shoes... it was hard. I'm never able to find dressy shoes with good support... I'm definitely checking out the site you mentioned!



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