Friday, August 13, 2010

Bowls and books

I know you think I've just been playing craft hooky all summer... (wink wink) as I've been traveling and not posting like usual (hubby is quoting my numbers of posts tonight. According to him, I'm way behind for the year)
Anyhow, between my kitchen table makeover, bathroom painting project, nesting for another baby (we await the call!), and the many quilts underway... I've been trying to still do little crafts as part of Camp Mommakiddo ...
Yesterday's random project (between babysitting a friend's kid and carpooling my own) was a few scrap journals. See, my friend Melissa, picked up these amazing polka dotted bowls for me at Costco (can't shop there, my kitchen is too small!)... And I liked the heavy weight and glossy colors of the box. So out came the much-abused paper cutter and I ended up with 5 of these. Now what am I going to do with 5 more journals?


Em said...

Those are AWESOME! I love the bright colors! My daughter was complaining that we would have to get her another journal for a class that didn't require one before yesterday... maybe if she has one like that she won't fuss about it! Hmm... where to find COOL boxes???

libbydibby said...

Capri-sun boxes work perfectly!
I've made a ton of those for kids. They love them...



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