Monday, January 25, 2010

rambling about quilting and photography and more

I guess, now that I have finished quilting my second quilt... do I get to call myself a quilter?
Wow. I had no idea this was going to be so fun. Seriously... fun! I mean, everyone in my family is so NOT surprised that I love this. After all, I used to design textiles that were designed on a square format and laying out patchworks was the most fun part of the job!
go figure.

I really love picking out the fabrics and colors, too. Since I've been obsessing on red and brown lately - wearing that combo nearly every day, this was really so fun for me to work on. I actually only bought 1 of the fabrics in the quilt. (Thanks, Tori, for most of the others!) I buy a ton of fabric around here... spent all my Christmas money on new fabric to love... but I also am given a lot by people who know how much I love it, and I am doing my best now to use that and give what I don't use! I've also just learned about Margaret's Hope Chest - from one of my favorite podcasts Craftsanity. (here is the link to that episode) I highly recommend the podcast for a constant source of creative inspiration and encouragement.... Jennifer, who does the interviewing is really a likable person to spend time with in the car.

back to quilting... Here are the pics of my two finished quilts. I've asked J to maybe partner with me a little bit and take some decent photos of the work I'm doing. Might make the blog a little prettier. I can shoot photos, but for him it's a hobby and for me, it's tiresome. (I'm also in talks with a local photographer about getting some new Libby Dibby photography done to update the site... more on that later)


Cat said...

Both are lovely but I have to admit I prefer the second one. That's what I think quilts are *supposed* to look like: more random and lots of colors. Granted, I'm not a quilter :)

Tori Higa said...

oh my goodness, liberty! i am SO impressed! they are beautiful! i have done only one quilt in my life and i was heavily supervised. it was so time consuming and hard for me. anyway...i give you props!

AND i can't tell you how good it makes me feel to see that you are using the fabric i gave you! i think the fabric is much happier at your house than it ever was at mine. it gets a chance to have a creative and useful life again. :)



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