Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another cowl

It's coo-oooold in our house. Los Angeles houses were not built for any variation in weather... We have a tiny wall heater in our dining room that pretends it can heat the whole house. (it can't) I'm drinking lots of tea, baking, and doing laundry to get more heat... I wear fleece and hats and scarves just doing my stuff around here. But scarves get in the way. And I always need something to do when I finally do sit down and watch tv... I don't watch much, but since we
and a lot of our friends make their living via TV, we have to watch some... ( watch "Life Unexpected" a new show on CW... My friend Reggie is in it. - oh and while you are at it... Watch "Fringe" and "So You Think You Can Dance" too)
---yikes! Tangeant alert!----
Anyhow. I've been using up my scrap yarns to make cowls. This one has 5 different yarns in it. It's ridiculous, but cozy... And this way I don't end up with soup, soap and stitches all over my scarf. Next knitting project is a buttoning scarf/cowl.


Cat said...

hold the presses ... you don't have a furnace in your house? I don't know what to do with that information. I suppose you don't have a giant A/C unit outside your house either?

Felt Mama said...

You need a felt collar or scarflette from my friend -

If you want a change of pace of course. They are light and very warm!

Hope all s well - Anna Katherine

libbydibby said...

No! No heater!!! And when we lived in Chicago, we didn't have heat in our bedroom there either! I live with a very warmblooded man and let's just say without my individually controlled heated mattress pad, I'd be miserable.

And no. No A/C. SoCal houses often don't have that either. In fact, 10 minutes ago we had a contractor over who (along with an attic buildout project quote) told us because our house isn't insulated that we can't add in central A/C. (wah)

so yes. I live without heat and without A/C!



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