Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Okay, NOW I'm starting to get it... Quilting, that is...

After attending a meeting of the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild last night, something clicked for me. I realized that I've been working on traditional quilts... Trying to identify with something that is totally not me. And so as I talked about it with my carpool partner and fellow MOMS club quilter, Lauren, then came home and discussed it with J... It was bugging me... "why does this seem so hard to fit?" and then this morning, I realized that I've been doing modern quilting for years... I used these techniques when I was a textile designer of modular carpet tiles, and then I used the techniques when I quilted my couches... Duh.
And then this afternoon's rainstorm afforded me the chance to go to town. I cut fabric for three different quilts and by 11.30pm tonight, one entire quilt top is finished. I feel like a light bulb went off in my head! (yay!)
So... Here is tonight's work. It's a "disappearing 9 patch" pattern with both vintage and new fabrics in yellows and greys. Hooray!


lola d said...

If only this had been posted a few weeks ago. The Road to California quilt show is incredible with so many quilts traditional and not so much, but I think it's already over. I think you would have loved it, so much artistic talent and so much fabric! There's always next year though- It's great to hear about your quilting journey! :)

Hannita said...

Isn't that funny? My mom and I have completely different tastes in quilts and fabric. But it's the modern quilts that I like, not the older, traditional ones. If I hadn't seen some of those online I would never have started quilting.



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