Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Holiday Party outfit

I mentioned earlier that it was agonizing to try and figure out what to wear to J's holiday work party. I get really intimidated dressing for his work events, especially when I know there will be movie stars in attendance. I'm not a big star watcher, I rarely recognize them before he points them out to me, but still the fashion... ah, what to wear???? The tough thing about LA parties is that the men all wear jeans and shirts - rarely jackets, but the women dress up. And I don't really do heels, so what to do?
Here's what I did... and here are the designers (or some like them) that made my outfit work.
1- simple dress - you can see it here. Here's a cute one kind of like it, and this one is similar (though tighter!)
2 - headband. My pal, Tori, gave mine to me and the designer who made it doesn't sell online,
but here is a similar one on etsy. I wore my hair very "flippy" - inspired by Alice Cullen's hair. eek, Twilight dorkdom strikes again!
3 - woven tights from Anthropologie. (about a year ago)
4 - flashy disco earrings. Forever 21. also from last year. (I liked the idea of mixing the flapper style headband and the disco earrings) I think you can see them in the above pic. I actually removed a gem that was hanging from the bottom when I first bought them.
5 - Necklace by International Sanctuary (for this outfit, I actually tucked it into my dress (um, bra) and used just the chain for an accent piece)
6 - leather studded and blingy bracelet - new this month... i love it! The designer is just getting her etsy site up right now, I have the bracelet that is dark brown with big rhinestones. (upper left corner)
7 - shiny shoes. brown patent leather... they were flats - though I toyed with red kitten heeled ones, too... I ended up with the flats for comfort sake. These aren't the ones I wore, but they'd do.
8 - okay. I didn't want to mention this, but seriously, it helped my outfit greatly. Victoria's Secret. It really worked. "Miraculously" well, considering I have almost nothing to begin with. (enough said)

anyhow... it made for a fun outfit that will likely be my New Years' outfit as well when I head to my sister's Appetizer Cookoff Contest. It was fun putting the outfit together and fun getting this post together, too. Hope you enjoyed it - I haven't done anything like this before... (oh, and with DSL issues that we've been having, this took me 3 days to write!)

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