Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hot hoops

Every once in a while, life offers funny intersections. I've been waiting four years to actually run into a stranger wearing a Libby Dibby skirt. It hasn't happened yet, though I've heard of other people getting asked if their skirt/purse/jewelry was Libby Dibby. It's bound to happen at some point, but it hasn't yet.
My dad is a toy inventor. He's sold many more than just 1100 handmade skirts and a couple hundred necklaces... His business is based on royalties, checks coming in over the years for thousands of units sold. So why should it surprise me when those toys intersect my life?
We thought it was hysterical when someone gave us Upwords as a wedding gift... Considering the wedding was funded in part by that game itself.
Last night J came home with a game called Hot Hoops he chose at his office gift exchange. He picked it thinking the kids would play well with it together and knowing that Z/Troy likes anything basketball...
(he was right) but as I kept looking at it, I kept thinking, "wait, I think my dad invented this..." it felt like I remembered Dad describing the prototype to us at dinner one night as a kid... And the name definitely rang a bell. (Dad likes alliteration for product names) Texted mom to ask; turns out I was right. So this morning's entertainment is brought to us by an idea PopE had many years ago. How fun is that? Dad, I know you'll love this pic more than anyone else...

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