Thursday, December 17, 2009

Funny pic

So tonight was J's work holiday party. We took this pic in the photo booth. (how fun is that?) What you can't really see is my outfit which was really made possible by a bunch of rockin' etsy designers, a few discount items and a pair of tights from anthropologie. I agonized all day about what to wear. Hollywood parties are really intimidating to dress for and even after 4 years, I about have a fit the day of the event every time... But I love me some good accessories. And though you can't really see them here (how lame am I that I got no real pics?) I wore at least 4 one of a kind items that were designed by people I know or have bought through friends and etsy. Etsy, thank you! Oh, and how much do you love my goggles and snowball? I have no clue what J is holding...

1 comment:

KFell said...

love it!! and I too didn't get any good pics of the outfit I finally threw together for my husband's fancy work party... all I can say is thank you target, and a lonely old pair of tights I found in the back of my dresser...



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