Sunday, November 22, 2009

Upscale Backyard Sale Recap

Mornings are my saddest time around here right now - if I'm not busy, all I can think about is the baby I am missing a lot. Today is Sunday, one week later than the precious photo that I took last week where AJ was snuggling with J in church. We had no idea that 48 hours later he wouldn't be ours. It still feels weird. J and I are still catching up on sleep and marveling how going from 2 kids to 3 kids to 2 kids is surreal and makes 2 seem like a breeze.
I decided in the quiet of this morning to write a recap of my Sale yesterday - which was honestly, such therapy for me. Thank you to everyone for coming - what a great day! We had people coming into our happy backyard all day long and it was amazing to meet bloggy and online friends in person for the first time in person, and then also to see friends that I hadn't seen in nearly 10 years. My design mentor - who hired me right out of college to do textile design - came, as did friends from every aspect of my life in Los Angeles, both before my move to Chicago and after we came back. The distraction was divine, it was fun to feel surrounded by friends.
Christy (who is taking our family Christmas shots today) took some great pics and brought some rockin pumpkin scones, and Tifanie manned the checkout with Kendra. My friend, Paula - who is starting a bakery in Hollywood, brought rockin' treats for us (see here for some other SUPER cute and YUMMY cupcakes she made for a recent event I had)... and the new (enormous) trampoline that J set up for the kids kept the mood light and giggle-y.
It was so much fun to see all of my stuff in one place... I had ALL of my skirts out, a sample sale rack, a spinny skirt rack, housewares, stationery, baby items, and jewelry sections... I had 6 large laundry baskets of scraps packaged into parcels, that by the end of the day was down to 1 laundry basket.... (that's 40 bags of scraps, folks!), and 23 bags of bead supplies, too. I just knew that the people who love Libby Dibby are also so very creative (or are working at getting there!) and it was fun to see people "inspired" (heard that word a lot!) to go home and make stuff with their finds.
The sale (I almost just called it a party) was so fun - and so much easier than doing craft sales - since I had to pack and move stuff all of about 10 feet... that I think I am going to bow out of more craft sales and simply do this instead. Maybe 2 times a year? What do you think? My thought was to have it again in May, before Mother's Day.I still have a few shows this year - the most notable being UNIQUE LA in a few weeks. But other than that... this is my new ticket... lots of you gals came over -THANKS SO MUCH!
(and thanks, again, Christy, for the awesome pics)

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