Monday, November 23, 2009

SCRAP bag post

Hooray for my friends that love scraps as much as me!
I sold right around 40 bags of scraps at the sale this weekend and Jill already went home and turned hers into adorable skirts for the girls in her family! Check these out!

Christy Extra-ordinaire also has been using more and more of her Earth Day box of scraps and is working on the most amazing Christmas stockings from her box of happiness. Here are some unfinished pics. Suffice it to say that though we don't really need new stockings around here, (J's mom knitted and felted us some gorgeous ones that we've been using the past 5 years)... I'm feeling the urge to at least make a few quilted ones for display at least.
Maybe I need to just give in to the fact that I love Christmas stockings... they're not really a fashion item, but I seem to feel like we need more than a few around here... hmmmm....

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