Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fancy clips

And you thought just because I've been quiet, that I haven't been busy? (on the contrary! Now that the summer reading romances are over, I'm a busy little bee again...) Last night I finished the ninth niece/nephew Christmas gift (as I showed you in my spoiler a few weeks ago). I also have the Design Director's birthday in 3 days and 2 more niece birthdays within the next 2 weeks... So I've been staying up late, "cramming" as it were, to make gifts and goodies for everyone.
This project is an easy one the kids love to help me with. We are big fans of clips around here... We use them for everything and somewhere along the way, I learned that clothespins are gentle on little hands, cheap and actually fun to use markers on.
The kids have colored these with regular markers, and then we Mod- podge or glue fancy papers to one or two sides. I sand down the edges and then for a flat look, Mod Podge works to finish them, or for a dimensional glossy finish, I just learned about this stuff in the photo, called "glamour glaze" that is easy to use and gives the appearance of a resin bubble on top of the paper, only it's non-toxic and doesn't stink or require mixing.
The end result is an pretty clip which you can usefor chips, apply a magnet to, or use for a myriad of other uses... Only just a little prettier with some fun and quiet memories attached.

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