Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Embellished bag

Store-bought bag. Hand embellished monogram. Easy-peasy... When I use my favorite fusible webbing. I'm having fun with my new machine and learned a trick last night... If you are sewing something a little sticky and it starts to ruin your needle, stitch through a dryer sheet a couple of inches to clean it off. (I used ones that had already been through the dryer, so as not to cake up my machine. I also took a previously sticky needle and cleaned it with the sailme said sheet.
Nice and clean) I don't know if doing that a Tom would be so hot for the machine, but after 9 names (close to 50 letters) I needed to not change needles every few minutes.

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Christy said...

Also, what I've found to work is to soak a cotton ball (or qtip) with rubbing alcohol and wipe down the needle.



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