Tuesday, May 7, 2013

LAMQG Swap - Melissa's orphan block

So we have swaps at our guild meetings every few months. I enjoy participating in them and have really lucked out on the receiving end every time. Here's what I made for our fearless swap leader, Melissa. (I sure hope she likes it! She wasn't there to receive it last meeting.)
Melissa stipulated with this swap that we would be getting someone's "orphan" block and making something for them from it. Seeing as how I've been a bit obsessed with table runners lately, I was thinking that her block (the navy corners at the side ends and excluding the red strip at the top and bottom) might make a cool table runner. But not everyone is into table runners and once I tried the idea out as a journal cover, there was no going back.
I'm hoping that she gets excited about this orphan becoming something she can use daily.

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