Monday, April 29, 2013

Scrappytripalong finished!

January 1 this year there was a funny trend that began on Instagram for those of us who are into modern quilting. A couple popular quilters decided they were going to start to sew along together using a tutorial called the scrappytripalong.
I was up in Mammoth and far away from my sewing machine for the weekend but I joked that it was January 1 and I had already missed out on the biggest trend of the year.  When I came home I immediately started on my own scrappytripalong.  I decided to cut into some of my very favorite fabrics (from many different lines) designed by AnnaMaria Horner that I had never been able to decide how to use.
Soon after I started this project Mimi got a new bed and it was queen-size. We didn't have a quilt for her so this quickly became the quilt that I was making for her.
I am absolutely in love with the way this quilt came out and so is she.  J was jealous of how heavy all the seams make the quilt and now I have a second scrappy (all red and white!) scrappytripalong in the works.
This pattern is super easy and lots of fun I can't recommend it highly enough. You can find a link to it here:

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Laura said...

It's beautiful, Liberty! What a treasure (the quilt and the rapidly growing girlie)!



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