Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Morning doodles

One of my favorite things to do with Z is when we get up early in the mornings and spend some time next to each other drawing in our journals. It started off as a way for me to keep him quiet and not wake up everyone and it's turned into something that is a real time of reflection and connection for both of us. We don't do it every day but when we do it some of my most precious time.
Lately I have been collecting books and sources on lettering because I noticed that so much of my doodling involves things that I'm thinking about. I'm looking at fonts and thinking of different ways that I can express the things that are on my mind. For years I kept a journal that was page after page of my hand writing and my words, But these days I have a desire to say less and draw more so my journal looks a lot more swirly than it used to. Sometimes I write song lyrics down sometimes I'm not writing anything profound and sometimes I have a big question or statement that I want to get answered and so I write it down. If you've ever doodled as a form of meditation you will understand how I can find this calming. I've drawn pages around Bible verses, Mumford songs or pictures of sewing machines and tea in mugs.
This new batch, though, has had a real focus on words and trying to encapsulate the things inside my head. I find it healing. It's a fast, expressive and casual way to explore a thought.
I actually approach it in a similar way to the way I start a collage, by drawing a line on a blank page. I come up with a concept, sentence or a half line of prose-like words that express an idea I want to put into this page or canvas... (Only these are more literal than the collages, and you can actually -usually- see exactly what that phrase was while the collages usually end up with the concept hidden and only hinted at)

I'm excited to see where this path continues to take me. What could be more simple as art supplies than pen and paper and what could open up more potential than a blank page?

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