Thursday, March 21, 2013

It was a red kind of day. (Birthday recap)

A little bit before my birthday last year I went to school one day and saw my son's teacher dressed really fancy for the day. She looked adorable so I asked her what the occasion was and she told me that a close friend of hers had said all she wanted for her birthday was for her friends to dress up. I immediately loved that idea and asked for the same thing last year for my birthday. It was so much fun! I had maybe 30 or 40 friends send me pictures of themselves with high heels at play dates or walking down the street, many just were in the mirror at home. It didn't matter to me what they were wearing as much as I loved that they had thought of me even the tiniest bit. I mean isn't that really what we all want to know, that our friends care about us enough to make a little bit of an effort?

So I decided to ask for the same thing this year only to make it with a little bit more of "Libby" style, I asked people to either wear red or take a photo something red or polkadotted. The result was a influx of emails and texts all day long that made me smile from ear to ear.
The rest of my day was pretty boring, honestly... My husband was out of the country on a business trip, my kids had school and dance lessons, and I had a ton of chores to do at home... Though I did pop out for a quick lunch with an old friend to get my favorite mint lemonade at Bergamot Station. The reality of my birthday is that it really was online. And that was great. I knew I was loved. I was reminded all day long. Who could ask for more?

And in the end, look at these pics! Each one represents a person who was willing to take a minute to show me that my birthday mattered to them.
(The more I think about this, I think we all deserve birthdays like this. Let me know if you need me to wear green or orange or stars or circles someday to make you feel special. I'm in)

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