Tuesday, October 2, 2012

LAMQG - anniversary swap (what I got!)

How excited was I when my friend Jennifer picked my scrap bag for the anniversary swap with LAMQG?
First of all, everything Jennifer makes rocks. (She's kind of amazing) and second, I was allowed to specify what I wanted... And I totally knew what I wanted. For years, I've been meaning to make myself a really cute bedside book caddy... But I've been working on so many projects for other reasons and people, who has time to make something really useful for herself? Even if it is something I'd use every day? I read every night before falling asleep and you know I'm a bespectacled gal- fumbling for my glasses in the morning ... So I wanted A cute place for all of those things...
And Jennifer did NOT disappoint! She's kind of the unofficial queen of the spiderweb quilts these days, so it's fun to see she found another way to use a block (love it!). The whole thing is just super awesome... As is the little zippered pouch that goes with it.
And actually all the scraps weren't even mine to begin with... I'd forgotten to bring a bunch for the swap and it worked out really well for me that my pal Lauren, of Sew Modern, brought a huge bin of free scraps for us to dig through that day - I dug and look at the reward!

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Anonymous said...

Love it! It's so cute!



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