Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I won! (At the LAMQG meeting)

I am not sure what it is, but for some reason, I seem to be unusually "lucky" at our guild meetings. I think most of my readers and friends will agree I have been unusually "unlucky" in some aspects of my life - but for some reasons that doesn't pour over into my guild meetings.
This past Monday, it was our 3rd anniversary meeting. As they do for every anniversary meeting, our officers assembled an amazing array of giveaways. Everyone was given a ticket to put in one of four buckets.
I put my ticket into the one holding all the Lotta Jansdotter fabrics. (I'm a fan of hers and signed up to take a class with her in February, yippee!) One gal watched me putting in my ticket and said, "you know you're gonna win, you always win here at meetings." She was right! I must confess to jumping up and down when I won. Not only did I get he beautiful fabrics, I also was given the corresponding stationery set and the super awesome embroidered bucket.
Feeling grateful once again, to my guild... Not just because of what I won, though. I am much more lucky than just having won some fabric - I have won deep and beautiful friendships, love, shared experiences and inspiration from this beautiful group of people. I am rich indeed.


msalleycat said...

You certainly do deserve to be rewarded - it must be karma. I feel like I won a lottery, too, all b/c I showed up at that first meeting. I am in the Lotta class, too, so it'll be a nice to know a friend in it!

Maria said...

I was jealous but you know what? You totally deserve that win and I'm glad you won!



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