Friday, July 29, 2011

New ink - Tattoo #2

 I was finally able recently to go get my birthday present.  J has told me that I'm allowed to have 3 tattoos total and here's number 2. Not sure where I would want another, so that thought is tabled for a while. I'd been thinking about this one for over a year - I'm serious about what artwork is going to stick with me for the rest of my life... I've got to say I probably logged in over 30 hours of looking and researching possibilities for a foot tattoo that I liked, but never really found any that I loved.
Good thing we know "johnny 2/3" from Yer Cheatin' Heart in Hermosa Beach. He's an aquaintance of my sister and brother in law and has done a lot of tattoos on people I know, so I felt  good going to him the first time when I got my word bracelet.  The thing is, he's an artist first - he told me he used to travel to cathedrals all over the world to sketch inspiration for some of the t-shirt companies he worked for in his previous career.  I love working with artists of all types and it's amazing how fast he is at understanding what I was describing (both times).  We first have an art consultation meeting a few weeks before the big day and both times I left the art consult feeling like I knew he knew what I wanted.
So here it is. I took this the day of the tattoo. And yes... it hurt WAY worse than the wrist one, which I would qualify as "annoying" pain, but not anything to write about. The actual tattooing wasn't what really got me - it was later in the day! Wow. Didn't expect that.
I'm really happy with the art. And I like how it's placed, too. He's got the branch being very organic, the bright and fine flowers and a tiny bit of grace added in with the swirls. Just what I was looking for.
Happy 35th Birthday, me! (just 6 months later)


jill said...

i love it. the design is so pretty. does it have a meaning? not that it has to, but just curious if there is a story behind the art.

libbydibby said...

Thanks! Well Jill, you've seen my paintings and I'm sure you know I have a special connection to trees and branches, for many reasons. I knew if there was going to be any image I'd love forever it would be a tree. But I wanted it blooming too. I think a lot about blooming where I am planted. A couple thoughts I had were of having roots down to the ground... A branch down at my feet, near the earth. And yet, something that was both whimsical and organic, not too trendy... And since I'm a color girl, this one needed color.
The number of flowers was just designed by virtue of how it looked, though i had entertained having a bloom for each kid, I never followed through on that... I would have gotten two, though, since we don't know our situation. Though I always wanted four... See why I abandoned that train of thought?
Thanks for the compliment. My parents saw it tonight.
Mom:" that's so big!"
Dad: "who designed it? Tim Burton?"




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