Friday, July 29, 2011

Neighborly fabric

Wow. I have GREAT neighbors. One of my neighbors a few houses north just had a baby. I brought over dinner and a little swaddle blankie (40"x40" flannel served on the edges... Best swaddle ever).
They came over to say thank you a few weeks later and saw me wearing G in a sling. "oh, you make slings? I've been looking for a white eyelet sling for so long..." she said. What? I've had a white eyelet sling in my inventory for YEARS that wasn't selling. I tossed it her way, so happy to have a happy home for it finally.
Well last weekend, my neighbor came over again with these fabrics she bought for me downtown! Talk about knowing the way to my heart.

So when I was looking for a nice orange fabric to bind my neighborhood quilt... Well, there was only one option. The spirit of having this Joel Dewberry fabric as part of my quilt is so great that I would have likely used it even if it didn't match! A gift from a neighbor to finish the quilt about my neighborhood? Perfect.

Now. See the gorgeous eyelet next to it? It's so smooth and modern and really luxe feeling. What do I make with it? A shirt maybe? Maybe a dress for Mimi? Line it with another color and use it in it's own beauty for a pillow or quilt back? Hmmmm.
(I'm taking suggestions)

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