Monday, March 7, 2011

Quilting in faith

I started this quilt a few months ago, wanting to make a playmat for G. (it's the starburst pattern from this blog - link later!)
But after piecing the squares, I realized it needed yellow as the sashing to make it look good and suddenly it was too girly. Then I made the top and found the lumpiest, most mistake filled top I've ever made. (bummer)
I posted it as a "quilt=fail" on flickr and got some encouragement from my friends there to try it anyways... So I added a thicker than normal batting, some bumpy knit as a backing, and I used spray baste (yay!) and as suggested, I quilted it to death.
The end result is a happy super cozy quilt. But not for G. It doesn't really seem like him at all.
As I was making it, I couldn't help but think about how convinced J and I are in our hearts that we've got a little girl coming to our family soon through foster care. It's something we are more and more sure of (in faith, no signs yet!) and this became a little bit of sewing by faith as I thought about where she might be now, what she is going through, what she needs prayer for...
And now this is sitting in our living room quilt basket, folded and waiting for a special little girl. It is a sunny reminder of our not yet complete family... A reminder to pray and keep hoping.

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Melissa said...

:o) Can I just be a foster mom vicariously through you? I don't know if God will ever open Dave's heart to it. :-(
I love that little quilt, though! Your little girl will feel so comforted and loved when she gets it. :o)



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