Monday, March 7, 2011

LAMQG solids challenge

Remember the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild challenge I mentioned? The generous folks at Robert Kaufman donated a ton of charm packs to the Modern Quilt Guilds and we were asked to make mini (crib sized) quilts using only the charm pack and one additional solid... I knew immediately what I was going to do!
I have always loved trees more than any other motif and this seemed like the perfect time to start trying to marry my collages with my sewing. It's something J has been encouraging me to do for a while.. But I didn't want to buy fabric for it, so I traded with some friends for sky blue solid and started my little project.
I'm so happy with how it came out! This is the first quilt where from start to finish, I was confident in what it was and would become. The first time where I finished and thought, "I nailed it!" hooray!
I get to show it to the guild this Thursday... I can't wait to see what everyone else has made... The LAMQG is filled with so many talented artists... I'm always blown away (I try to just be inspired and not to be intimidated!) by what they come up with...


Melissa said...

Wow!! I think this is so awesomely beautiful! And cool! And unique! And I think the guild will be hard-pressed to come up with anything better than this. :) Great job!
(I love it when a plan comes together, too.)

libbydibby said...

aw shucks, thanks... I'm not worried about better or not, (not really the competitive type) - but I do feel like this one will allow me to hang in there with the talent in that group! They're out of this world!

Anna Katherine said...

this quilt is amazing liberty. Really, it is stunning. My fav yet.

Christy T. said...

I LOVE this Liberty. I left it unread in my Google Reader Feed to make sure I came and said so in a comment. Merging your artistic skills - I think you've found a perfect mix...



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