Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wirework Giveaway

Creating things is how I cope with stress. J has been gone on a trip for work the past 2 days, and you all know that I've mentioned foster care can be a teensy bit stressful. (wink)
I am in constant search of things for my hands to do whilst running my day to day circus.
Yesterday I was back to wire nests, crosses, and trying out a few other shapes in wire for pendants.
And then in the spirit of one of New Year's Resolutions I made - to appreciate my old friends more - I decided it's been too long since we had a giveaway here on the blog for my bloggy friends. (you)
So I'm giving you the choice... Nest, cross? Gold/silver?
In exchange... Sign up to follow the blog... Tell someone about the giveaway... And write a comment that is either 1) a way you show love to friends or 2) is a meaningful New Years Resolution that you've made.
Giveaway closes next Tuesday (Jan 18)


Alison said...

It's hard to pick which comment to leave, especially as my lights are flickering due to the wind roaring outside.

A way I show love to my friends is by randomly delivering flowers. For no reason. It's so fun to see their reactions when they open the door.

Tori Higa said...

i like to show love through little notes and what-nots in the mail - although i don't do it enough!

and i love the random flower delivery idea...i might have to copy. :)

Debbie said...

I am now a follower, which I always thought I was! LOL! And I'm posting to my FB for all my snowed in friends to see!

I decided this was my year to return to the written word. Instead of standard birthday cards or an email/FB shout out to my near and dears I will send a short note for their birthday. So far it's worked wonders in reconnecting in person or a quick phone call! Nothing too long or sappy, just direct to the point wishes and my thoughts for them. I feel better knowing they are receiving something genuine and thoughtful in the world of fly bys we have suddenly come to be.

Courtney said...

Ok, I tweeted about it. Telling the world, 21 followers at a time.

New Year's Resolution - I'm horrible at thank you cards. This last November after seeing a friend I hadn't seen in a long time, she mailed a quick note just because. I WANT to be better at that, and thank you cards are a good start. For me, anyway. :-)

TZel said...

One way I show love to friends is by making them little sewn gifts. A scarf or stuffed animal can deliver a hug when I 'm not around!
Thank you!
bridgestranslation at yahoo dot com

Nicole Wetzel said...

I love to send snail mail! It is a fun inexpensive way to brighten a day! I have also started to knit socks for those I love.

Anonymous said...

angie writes:

I follow now and I will let me my mom know too:)

this year I have decided to send more notes in the mail just for random reason. if someone is on my mind, I am gonna let them know:)

Nadilah Sungkar Magee said...

Hi, I follow your blog..
I love to bake cookies and cake, I send my friends my homemade cookies or cake as a way to show love to my friends.

Samantha said...

I'm a blog follower. I thought I was before, but it didn't show up?! Anyway, I told my crafty friend Bethany about you. She loves to feature etsy creators.

My resolution: Be there more for my family and enjoy the moment. My kids are growing up too quickly!

Mallory said...

GFC follower (Mallory)
I shared via twitter!/malloryrobinson/status/26003270275170305

A new years resolution the Husband and I made was to be involved in more active activities. We signed up for more running races, and he signed up to do more biking races. It is very important for us to stay motivated to stay healthy.

Mallory1031 at gmail dot com

Sarah Davisson said...

I show love to my friends by writing them letters. Real letters with pen and paper. I love writing letters. You can say so much more than a text, and I think it's more personal than an email. Plus, I just like being old school. It makes me think of Pride and Prejudice every time. :)

Natalie Jane said...

I'm a new blog follower! And I tweeted

I show love with little thoughtful gifts.

Nadilah Sungkar Magee said...

I love the wire nest..I hope I will win this...Thanks

Brenda Mantel said...

I made a similar resolve for 2011, investing in old friendships.

But I also just choose a word for the year, one to pray through and look for through the year and this year is redemption. the bird's nest wire pendants!

SportChick said...

I saw Victory wearing one of your pendants at the women's retreat this weekend and was commenting about how beautiful it was!

Wendy said...

Gorgeous! Love the wirework. I show love to my friends by making soup - kinda my "soup ministry". One little boy even calls me "Soup Wendy" LOL

libbydibby said...

#6 was the magic number and that's you, Nicole!

hooray! send me an email with your address and what you want to order.
thanks everyone!



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