Monday, January 10, 2011


Once upon a time, we were a bunch of scraps and a few discarded quilt squares. (okay yesterday we were)... But today - today we are pretty, useful, and we have a purpose. And we are also on our way all over the country to beloved recipients.


Em said...

Those are so awesome! I have just started trying to make some cute little pouches - I think I'm going to have to get my scraps out to do some more... although your scraps are MUCH prettier than mine!

Kimmie said...

those are so cute. I love them all. Oh, I wish you were adoptable, as I'd love to have you in the family to teach me your amazing sewing/crafting gift.


mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

libbydibby said...

adopt me, kimmie! I need a big sister who knows how to be patient through the fost/adopt process... I SO wish we lived close!

and em... just tell me where to send some and I'll send you a care package of some scraps.

~Sessa said...

Super cute pouches! But it's late and I shouldn't be posting.

Shhhhh...I'm going to bed to dream about spuer cute little pouches!

Tori Higa said...

i love how all fabric seems to have a story...and i love knowing "the story" of a few of those vintage fabric swatches that i see in the pic... :) our productive shopping at florence fabrics goes down in history as one of my favorite fabric shopping experiences. (is it weird to have a favorite fabric shopping experience? :))



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