Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Red Dot Boutique - you've got my number.

My neighbor calls it the "Red Dot Boutique" - but let's face it, we all love Target, right?
A few weeks ago when I went in (mind you I was already aware of my attraction to their Liberty of London collections), there was a new collection right at the entrance to the store that caught my eye.
  It's called the Stephen Burrows Collection and it's inspired by the art of Harlem. How fun is that? Target, must you continue to entice me? (answer: yes.... apparently, they've got me pegged.)

I may not be a mod-type gal in my decor (even though I spent years in love with mid-century modern design as a textile designer in the Interior Design industry), but you can bet I'll wear it...

I bought this dress and the shirt below (looks cuter on than in this pic, trust me). I've worn them both already and been asked both times if I'd made them... I think they scream "LIBBY!"... but I won't be offended if you buy them too... After all, it is the "red dot boutique".

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