Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have the coolest friends - Rachel, the Artistic Doctor

So I've written about my pal Amy on this blog a lot.  Last summer we worked a ton on fun projects for her wedding. One of the fun side effects of all that work was becoming friends with Amy's super great sisters.

Rachel (pictured here with me as we did the flowers for Amy's wedding) is not only a new doctor, but a super artistic and creative gal herself. She's multi-talented and SO fun to be with. One day, she even sent this awesome drawing in the mail to us!

This week she sent me these pictures of this awesome laptop bag that she made with scraps from my scrap bins.
 I was amazingly impressed,  and THEN when I read further, I realized she made this by hand! She doesn't have a sewing machine! Wow, Rachel, you rock. Great job!

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