Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Giveaway: Into every life a little weird bag must fall

Well. I'm not really sure how to share this... Because after seeing this bag, you just might lose all respect for me. But it was just so interesting, I had to post it...
To start at the beginning, I love fabric of all kinds (but you knew that already)... And people are constantly donating the most interesting pieces to me... And. Well, I'm always trying to come up
with new ways to combine them... So about a year ago, I was messing with the idea of weaving fabrics and ribbon together and I came up with this weird weaving. When Tif and I were cleaning out the studio a few months ago, she agreed I could keep it if I tried to do something
with it. I agreed and we stuck it in the "to-sew" pile - which remained largely untouced through the holiday prep and celebrating; until tonight.
Tonight, I finished about 10 of those projects... More like a dozen, actually. It felt good. And just as i was deciding to close down for the night, I saw this weird weaving and thought, "okay, let's get this over with!"
So I sewed it into a primitive tote bag. (it's lined) and to cinch it, I used some of the gorgeous satin ribbon left over from Amy's wedding bouquets this summer... I weaved the serious, formal ribbon through the messy, raw piece itself and braided some more pieces for a strap.
And um... I think I like it!
And I'm not kidding, it's weird, but really fun. But I need another bag like I need a hole in the head, so if you are willing to become a blog "follower", pay shipping (around $8-10), and you write a cute comment here as to why you want this bag... I'll pick one person to get it -all theirs...
I'll give you a week from today. ;)


Samantha said...

Okay, since my triplets, I have lost my style! I carry around a green backpack as a diaper bag. And when I run an errand by myself, I just carry my wallet because I don't feel like transferring over everything. I NEED THIS BAG! It is so much more than just a bag; it's a style statement!

Juli said...

Hmmmm.... it makes me giggly. And I don't know what else to say other than you are supercool and I actually can't believe you got 12 projects done last night. Killer!!!!

Hung Le said...

I can't believe you are giving this away!!! Corinne would love this bag, simply because you made it. You are a gifted woman with such grace and style. We thank God for having blessed our lives with you. Each time we see the bag, we would think of you and all the stories that we can tell about you! :-)

Marisa said...

This bag is SO adorable! It just makes me smile everytime I see the picture of it, I can't imagine what it would be like if I held it in my hands and got to see it every single day! I want to show it to everybody I meet. I want to tell them all about how it came to be and how I ended up with it. I want to take it everywhere with me!!! :) You are truly an amazing artist!

Anonymous said...

wow. what a bag! it's just what i need to spice up my style. my new years resolution is to be braver with how I dress. I think this would go a long way to helping me there!


Anonymous said...

It's insane, and when I'm not using it, my "bag lady" daughter who is 6 years old today, would ADORE this bag!

Rebecca Bigler said...

So fun! It kinda reminds me of my life. LOL! A tangled web of different patterns and textures coming together to be what Thee Artist made me to be. I think it is insanely creative and I would love to "show it off" and tell people in different areas (Texas and Virginia later this year) about your creations! No respect lost here! Your stuff is awesome Liberty!

Nicole said...

What would be better then a weird person to go with a weird bag? My sister is the biggest weirdo thereis and she would love this bag!!




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